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Business Process Improvement

Our consultants recommend and provide the best industry practices to help improve our client’s complex business processes.

IS-U Customer Service

We provide consulting services within the IS-U (Industry Standard Utility) module of SAP, also known as CR&B (Customer Relations and Billing). This also includes expertise with CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system.

Device management for utilities

We have extensive industry experience working SAP, ITRON, and other meter reading systems. We support the full life cycle systematic management of metered and unmetered devices for gas, electric, and water utilities.

Financial Contract Accounting

Our network consist of the industry’s best consultants that have the experience and knowledge to support meter to cash processes within the SAP system.


We understand the importance of accurate and timely billing. We provide SAP solutions consultants to streamline simply to complex billing processes.

SAP Master Data Governance Capabilities

As part of our integrated data management approach, we recommend fortune 500 companies with standup data management capability with a single overall team, with sub-teams to address domain specific data (e.g., material master, vendor, customer, equipment, functional location, plants)
We offer following services in Data Management Area
Master Data Management Strategy
Data Quality Management Strategy
Data Governance Strategy
Implementation Roadmap

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